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Maintaining an attractive community the size of Orangecrest Country cannot be thoroughly and effectively accomplished by a Board of five people, no matter how many hours a week these tireless volunteers put in. Community members like you, can provide a great solution to this conundrum by serving on a committee. For example, the Architectural Review Committee processes applications for landscape renovations, hardscape installments and exterior paint applications. The time commitment is greatly appreciated and helps Orangecrest Country to continue to be one of the most desireable communities in Riverside.

Occasionally there are detailed challenges best tackled by an engaged group of members that have a few hours and their expertise to share. For example, many of the pine trees along the jogging trail and mitigation areas have become a nuisance to homeowners who are putting up with dropping pine needles. In some cases, the root structure of these trees is beginning to damage to the Association’s wall, requiring repairs. This particular issue has been on the back burner this year due to an already full Board agenda. (Homeowners may or may not be interested to know that all Association trees are on a rotating pruning schedule, but the scheduled pruning for this winter obviously will not solve all the issues of these mature trees.) To better tackle with a long-term comprehensive plan, a landscape committee of five people will be appointed at an upcoming Board meeting in October. The ideal candidate will attend that Board meeting and be able to attend committee meetings and work as part of a team of up to five people to contribute to forming a long term landscaping plan that will address the type of replacement trees as required by the City, and other goals including prioritizing areas of work and phases for completion.

Another upcoming committee opportunity is a budget committee, which would ideally be made up of members who have a background in setting budgets and analyzing financial information. A draft budget needs to be submitted to the Board by the January meeting for approval.

Finally, at the January meeting, the Board will be appointing volunteers for the Architectural, Hearing and possibly a social committee for 2022. All Orangecrest Committees are appointed by and provide important advice and support to the Board of Directors. The Board makes final decisions regarding implementation of any plans proposed by the committees.

If you are interested in participating and have questions about any of these committees, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your community manager, Susan Elmorabit at selmorabit@actionlife.com.

Exterior Painting Tips

Over the last twenty years, our community has established a wonderful collection of approved Dunn-Edwards color schemes. As a homeowner, this provides you the convenience of selecting a professionally designed color scheme without the hassle of starting the color selection process from scratch. You will also have the benefit of a quicker Architectural Application approval. To further simplify, you can now utilize our Online Paint Application (accessible through http://orangecrestcountry.com/architectural-improvements/) for “paint only” projects referencing these approved paint schemes. Unless you are keeping the existing color scheme on your home, an application is always required to change the color scheme. As the builder used colored stucco, you will need to have your painter do a color match to keep the same color scheme.

The task of picking an exterior paint color scheme can feel a bit daunting. As your first step, we always suggest visiting a local Dunn-Edwards store to have them assist in providing you with actual paint color chips for referencing the approved color schemes. To ensure they show you the correct color schemes, be sure to let them know which neighborhood you are part of within Orangecrest (Zip Code: 92508). While you are not required to use Dunn-Edwards paint, utilizing their color names simplifies the application and approval process. You can have another paint manufacturer match the Dunn-Edwards color. Dunn-Edwards may offer you a courtesy discount of up to 37% off the list price if you purchase the paint through them.

We will not get into all of the technical reasons why colors are not accurate while viewing on a computer monitor, smartphone, or printing at home. Just trust us when we say there is no substitute for viewing physical paint chip samples. You can visit the Color-Ark® Pro section of the Dunn-Edwards website (https://www.dunnedwards.com/colors/archive/color-ark_pro) to order paint chip samples. To find our Association, you can search by location with Zip Code “92508” or search by keyword with “Orangecrest.” Identify your neighborhood within the Association by finding your street name below:

  • Community Center/Orange Terrace: Agapanthus, Amaryllis, Applegate, Azalea Terrace, Bakal, Bayberry Ridge, Bellflower, Clover Creek, Dayton, Fern Grove, Gardenia Vista, Gessay, Golden Poppy, Grove Community, Indigo Point, Iris Canyon, Juniper, Laurel Ridge, Lavender, Lucia, Maple, Orchid, Portland, Roxy, Valley View, Yarrow, Zabel
  • Autumn Ridge/Gated Community: Aspen, Capital Peak, Castle Peak, Flatiron, Maroon Peak, Mount Wasatch, Mt. Sopras, Redcliff, Snowmass Peak
  • Kohl’s Center/Trautwein/Bountiful: Barnwood, Bluebell, Buckboard, Cabin, Carriage, Daisy, Dandelion, Farmhouse, Hayloft, Hitching Post, Lantern, Lodgepole, Mill Pond, Queen Anne, Stagecoach, Sugar Bush, Sunshine, Windmill
  • Wood/Krameria/Bergamont: Bergamont, Clover Court, Gable, Krameria, Meadow Lane, Springbrook, Sunflower, Village Way, Weathervane

You must list the color by name and paint number for each area you are painting (wood siding, main stucco, stucco accent, wood trim/fascia, etc.) An architectural application is required when changing the colors of your home. If you are not changing the color of your home, we ask that you submit a courtesy application listing the colors as “same” along with a current picture of the front of the house.  In that case, you do not need to wait for approval as it is a courtesy and helps you avoid getting a phone call when it is noticed that you are painting.

Next steps after selecting the approved Dunn-Edwards color scheme. Orangecrest Country is starting to roll out an electronic submission process for architectural improvements. At this time, only “paint” applications referencing approved paint color schemes from Dunn-Edwards or “courtesy applications” may be submitted electronically. Take a photo of the exterior of your home and go to http://orangecrestcountry.com/architectural-improvements/ to complete the new online paint application. If you prefer the old submission process, then you can print the forms from the website as well.

If you are requesting to use a paint scheme, not from the approved Dunn-Edwards color schemes, then you will need to submit three (3) color chip samples for each color with the older paper forms (also available at http://orangecrestcountry.com/architectural-improvements/) . The Architectural Review Committee will then evaluate to ensure compatibility with neighboring homes.

If you have any questions please contact Diana Winn, Manager Assistant, at dwinn@actionlife.com.

Does Your House need Paint?

Orangecrest Country homes are nearing twenty years old!  A fresh coat of paint does wonders in helping your home “age gracefully.”  Over the last year, during Open Forums at multiple regular Board meetings, we have heard complaints regarding the number of homes that need painting.  Some signs your home may need fresh paint include staining or discoloration, fading or uneven colors, bubbling or peeling paint, cracking and damaged stucco. In general, exterior paint begins showing its age after 5-7 years.  If the exterior of your home does not look as good as it should, then it is time to get this long over-due project on the calendar and in your budget within the next few months.

Management and Board members are currently evaluating all homes, so there will be multiples sets of eyes on a home before a letter is sent stating the need to paint your home.  Properly painting stucco can be tricky, so be sure to consult reputable vendors before undertaking this major project.  Cleaning is typically needed prior to any painting or coating, so you may want to consider cleaning first and re-evaluating the need for paint. For more information about this, click here or consult another industry expert.

Remember, an Architectural Application must be submitted if you are changing any part of the color scheme on your home. Also note that Orangecrest Country does have approved paint schemes for your specific community. You can find these schemes at Dunn Edwards. It is recommended that you visit the stores or order actual paint chips to view actual paint colors. Your computer or cell phone are very inaccurate for color. (You are not required to purchase Dunn Edwards paint, only required to use the approved color schemes.)

As part of this project, Orangecrest Country would like to compile a list of reputable painters in the area for homeowner use.   If you have had your home professionally painted and that company did an awesome job, let us know!   Please tell us the following:    Year they painted your house – Company name and contact info.    We’ll make the list available to other homeowners.

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